Thanksgiving Eve…..

Like most, holidays are a welcomed event in my household, especially when my husband is home. In the midst of grocery shopping chaos, recipe hunting & trying not to lose my fucking mind, I nearly forget that today was a half day at the kids’ school. Fuck. Say what you want but I loathe half days. They are not nearly as joyous as days off because there is no sleeping in or PJ lounging featuring cartoon marathons. Nope. Instead its cranky kids (and mom) who are struggling to adapt to a lack of a proper schedule. The kids are always strangely hungrier than usual on half days & look for me to provide them with their afternoon entertainment. If only they thought a good book & a cold glass of wine was as entertaining as I do….. ah well. I did manage to divert their attention with a couple pair of rain boots & a few puddles left behind from a “nasty storm” by New Englander’s standards. All was going well until the after-dinner tango. Ya know the tango? The one where its way  too early to let the kids fall asleep but they have already lost all ability to keep their emotions under control due to sheer exhaustion? If you know this tango, then you can understand how I’ve made it to this point.  As the last few minutes before the most glorious part of the day draws near, I am reminded of two things, 1) I was NOT born with my mother’s amazing amounts of patience and 2) we do NOT pay teachers nearly enough.


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