Parenting a genius…. in America’s inferior school system

Our son, Spiderman, is a 5 year old genius. Seriously. This isn’t a proud parent boasting about her adorably charming kid, no, this kid is the real deal. His school tested him last year, as he entered into pre-K, and he tested at a first grade level. He was barely 4 years old. He never ceases to amaze us with his growing intelligence. Unfortunately there is a downside to being a brainiac. Spiderman gets bored, often. Here’s where a GOOD teacher comes into play. A good teacher sees the unlimited potential in a “special” child like Spiderman and challenges it. A good teacher gently pushes a “smart” kid to keep him excited about learning. Sadly, Spiderman does NOT have a good teacher. Spiderman barely has a mediocre teacher. What Spiderman does have is a “almost retired so im going to hang in there even though i no long like kids” teacher. She compliments Spiderman often about how smart he is and follows it with how he struggles to “sit quietly” while the other students finish their work. It saddens me that the public school system is failing my child. I have spoken with his teacher on numerous occasions about giving him more work and keeping him busy but she flat out refuses to acknowledge that he is bored. Believe me, he is extremely bored. He finishes his work in MINUTES then is expected to sit for upwards of 30 minutes while the other kids do the same. Why, in 2013, does the school system still feel the need to “stick to the program”? Why isn’t the school system willing to try other teaching methods considering every child learns differently? Frustrated does not even begin to describe this momma’s feelings. WAKE UP AMERICA! We are ranked 17th in the developed world of education and more specifically 25th out of 34 countries in math and science. This is sad, especially considering we are the most influential country in the world, not to mention (self-proclaimed) most powerful country. Clearly our current formula isn’t working, but what will it take to change it?


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