Picture Day

In my mind picture day is like the holy grail for mothers. At least for this mom. I see picture day as an opportunity to show family and friends that for at least the time it takes to “say cheese” and snap a picture, my kids are clean with smiles on their faces. I go as far as to have them “practice” smiling before the picture to ensure that my $50 a piece is not in vain (we’ve had some meltdowns captured on film as well as some “wtf is that facial expression” moments). None the less, the day had arrived. I woke up extra early (5 minutes, I am NOT a morning person) to make sure the kids socks matched and their hair wasn’t standing on the top of their heads. As picture day came 2 days after our week-long vacation I realized two thing, I hadn’t yet tackled laundry & my son, SpiderMan, had yet to have his hair cut. Oye! So as I proceeded to give him a haircut at 7:30 in the morning, my daughter, the diva, decided it would be a great time to throw a fit about not being about to wear flip flops. Fucking flip flops. It was all of 50 degrees that day. I began to wonder, are pictures REALLY necessary?! After managing to give my son a pretty decent haircut *pats self on the back* I tended to the diva. I pulled out her favorite pair of Mary Janes & used some good ol’ reverse psychology to get her to “choose” them instead. Score! SpiderMan was already in his room arranging his outfit (he is quite the fashionista) which totally met & exceeded my expectations, considering. I grabbed the cutest, frilliest, fanciest dress I could find in my daughter’s closet (she’s been on a girly kick lately), thinking we finally had it in the bag. Wrong. The diva was back for round 2 of temper tantrums. Well what do you want to wear kid?! Apparently I didn’t get the memo that today was the day that she desperately needed to wear her favorite Hello Kitty dress. Fine! You win kid. Wear the damn dress. I checked the clock, school starts in 15 minutes. Just enough time to get shoes, coats & bookbags on and make a mad dash for the door. Oh wait! Where’s the order forms? Reading over the papers I realized that I totally forgot to get cash from the ATM *bangs head on wall* Thankfully they have an option to pay online ahead of time. 10 minutes counts, right?? We made it to the school 5 minutes late but they were there, dressed one way or another for their pictures. Did they smile? Who knows. Did I gain a few more grey hairs? Definately. 


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