I’ve always disliked introductions for two reasons. One, who really wants to ramble on about themselves? And two, who really remembers what was said Either way, here we are, or rather I am. I must admit that i am still toying with how much personal information I will be divulging…. for now, here are the basics.

I am a young-ish military wife and mother of 2 (one boy, one girl) living in the New England area. I was born & raised in the South, so moving up north was an adjustment -to say the least. This blog will be my outlet as I maneuver through my marriage (we are newlyweds), parenthood, and life. I can’t promise that it will be glamourous but if you can overlook my bad grammar, occasional potty mouth & short attention span (blame my ADD), then I can guarantee a laugh or two. Hang on! It’s a zoo around here 😛


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